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*Image above shows delivery of mats from some of our special friends:
The Bag Ladies of Flint Baptist Church 


We make Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats by repurposing clean, used plastic bags to help the homeless.  The mats are cushioned and serve as a moisture and temperature barrier from the ground.  They are portable, durable, and a deterrent to bed bugs, and they can also prevent life-threatening bed sores.  It takes a community to help the homeless. Please join us and help the homeless in our community.  There is never a shortage of need, but a great shortage of caring hearts and helping hands. We need YOU! There is NOTHING we do during a workshop (other than social interraction) that you can't do at home.  For directions, send a note in the box at the bottom of this page and include your email address. We can send you detailed information via email since you can't attend a workshop at this time. (Note: We have also cancelled all speaking engagements and external classes due to the virus.)


IN THE MEANTIME, REMEMBER:  We are a "work from home" opportunity!

(Check back often for updates to this page.)

To accommodate our volunteers who have been faithfully working from home during this pandemic, you may contact me by texting to (903)590-0582 to schedule a drop off or pick up of supplies/materials. Be sure to include your name, phone number and how I can assist you. You may want to drop off a mat that you've completed, or drop off "plarn" you've been cutting, or pick up more "plarn" to crochet (or knit) another mat bundle. I will bring you a bag of bags if you need more to cut into plarn and will continue to do this for your convenience.  We are a "Work at Home Opportunity" for now. We are also taking additional donations of the large blue IKEA bags if you have them.

 Current Workshops & Updates


Due to the COVID19 virus and the health requirements of social distancing and the wearing of face masks, WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT HAVING GROUP WORKSHOPS.  When our COVID numbers for our community go down, we will once again gather together to prepare bags and crochet or knit sleeping mats as a group.

Our volunteers are capable of doing both of these tasks from home and many have been so faithful to continue doing this. 
It is our strong desire to continue to help the homeless as well as keep our Volunteers safe.

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING BAGS AT THIS TIME. Please check back here for updates. At present, we have an overabundance of bags. God bless you and God bless our faithful Volunteers.

IF YOU ARE A NEW VOLUNTEER (or want to be) AND NEED SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: I will do a one on one training session on a Wednesday morning in our Workshop Room, but you will need to text me for an appointment. You may also request one via the form located below.
We ALWAYS need new volunteers. 

The work is abundant, but the workers are few.

For more information, please contact 




Caring Hearts & Helping Hands handing off our first sleeping mats to Jesus Closet for delivery to area homeless.
(April 2017)


Before mats are sent out for delivery, they are prayed over by some of our volunteers as we pray also for those who will be the recipients of each mat. We then deliver mats to Jesus Closet, a ministry of Faith Community Church in Tyler, and to the Salvation Army, and the Hwy. 80 Rescue Mission, located in Tyler and Longview, TX, We have also sent mats to Our Calling, a homeless ministry volunteering in the inner city of Dallas, Tx. 
(Updated: January 2021)

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